Great Experience

Great experience for your clients

Our team knows how important it is that your customers have a great experience when shopping. That’s why we work hard behind the scenes to ensure your customers find your online store easy and pleasant to use.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues for online retailers so we focus on keeping your customers engaged with a simple and quick process.

Easy sign in

Having to create an account is the single biggest reason people abandon a cart. Our crew have solved this by allowing people to log in with their Google, Live, Facebook or OpenID account.

Alternatively you can defer account creation until after an order is placed.

Fast address entry

By using Australia Post Postal Address File, we look up your customers addresses and present a list of candidate address with the complete delivery address within a few key stokes. This not only speeds things up for your customers, it improves accuracy.

Intelligent freight calculation

Customers can feel cheated if their shipping costs for multiple items are simply the costs of shipping each item individually added up. We accurately calculate freight with Australia Post and SmartSend by simulating packing multiple items and then get a quote for posting them together – all done in real time. It’s fast, it’s accurate and it lets your customers know you’re being straightforward. You have the choice of switching between freight free, fixed freight cost or our dynamic freight calculation. If you use alternative carriers, the rules can also be easily and accurately applied.

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